Tool Registry Service Validator

This tool registry validator checks tool registry service URLs to determine if it conforms to the ga4gh-tool-discovery.yaml swagger specification. For each endpoint, the validator checks if:

  • the endpoint is reachable
  • the header info (such as content-type) is available and correct
  • the response objects contain all required properties
  • the correct response code is returned

and much more. The validator provides badges based on the results.

Validation Server Health

See health of the validation server.

Validation Server Environment

See environment of the validation server.

Tool Registry Service Validation Status

Below is a list of tool registry services and its validation status:

Dockstore Staging Validator Running

Dockstore Validator Running

Validator Info

Instructions to add your tool registry service to this validator

Make another entry by copying the placeholder line below and simply changing {placeholder_name} to your service name and {placeholder_url} to your service’s URL and then adding it to the above “Tool Registry Service Validation Status” section.

{placeholder_name} Validator Running

Description of badges
  • Error badge indicates one or more endpoints have errored (possibly because the URL could not be reached)
  • Failure indicates that there were no errors but one or more endpoints have failed validation (one of many reasons. Click on badge for details)
  • Warning badge indicates there were no errors or failures, but one or more endpoint was skipped (possibly because there was no tools returned so object definition could not be checked)
  • Passing badge indicates all endpoints were successfully validated

In general, click on badge for more details about the result.

Additional Notes

If you see “Validator Running”, wait or refresh the page in a minute. Validation for each service is only performed at most once every 5 mins (previous badge is shown otherwise).